5 things you didn’t know about the Miswak Tree

The Salvadora persica tree is most famous for its ‘toothbrush twigs’(miswak), however there are other parts of the tree that are just as useful too! 


The leaves of Salvadora are consumed in the Middle East and Africa due to their astringent properties that are said to aid in digestion and metabolism. The active ingredients present in Salvadora have analgesic and diuretic properties, enabling its use in traditional treatments for piles, rheumatism, and skin inflammation.


A sweet alternative to the bitter leaves, the fruits too have diuretic properties, and are used in the treatment of stomach and liver ailments.


Bark derived from the stem and roots is different, and as such has different properties and uses. Stem bark from Salvadora helps create a decoction used in regularizing menstruation in women. Additionally, it also treats epilepsy, stomach ulcers, and skin problems. A paste of the root bark is used for the treatment of gonorrhea.


Similar to the leaves, the Salvadora seeds too are used in treating rheumatism and skin inflammation. They are also used as purgatives and diuretics.

Essential oils

Used as an insect and tick repellent.

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