Quran Moon lamp - How to use it

Quran Moon lamp - How to use it

Its very simple - Just follow the following instructions and your Quran Moon lamp Speaker / Quran Galaxy Lamp Speaker will be up in no time!

1) Charge 4-6 Hours before Use

2) Set up Tripod/stand ( Note you can take out the peg and switch them into different holes to ensure they all fit correctly)

3) Use the small metal touch point at the base near speaker outlet to power on

4) Use the remote to access the features & refer to the manual for full details

5) Remember You can also control your Quran Speaker via Bluetooth & using the Quran Speaker App found on the App & Play stores

6) Turn it off/on again using the remote 

If you are still having trouble feel free to email us at support@andalussstores.com

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My lamp is stuck on Bluetooth mode and none of the other buttons seem to be working on the remote only the on and off button can u help me with this please


How I know surah number its difficult to find surah Rehman

Memoona Munawer Hayat

How to stop word by word option

Salman Haider

Cant get it to find the Bluetooth signal from the speaker and its brand new just Got it.


Hi I can’t seem to connect to the Bluetooth to control with my phone and my remote buttons don’t seem to be working


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