If you dare to believe

If you dare to believe

A thousand years before the first American woman even got a degree, a young muslim woman, Fatima al-Firhi, set up the first ever university! She dared to dream of a world where everyone could read and write. 

Hundreds of years before the Wright brothers, Abbas Ibn Firnas flew for the first time in history breaking his back in the attempt – He dared to believe that man could fly.

Our history is rich with countless examples of dreamers & believers who did things others would not. Who saw things others could not. Who were willing to shed blood, sweat and tears to create a change in the world around them. 

It was because of these amazing individuals who were motivated by their faith, that Muslims were at the forefront of exciting discoveries and progress in all aspects of life. From literature to science, from agriculture to architecture, no field was left untouched. 

You may look back on our history and  imagine a world where everything was all sunshine, rich and perfect. But this was not the case.

Think back to the mongol horde where Islam was almost wiped off the face of the earth. Fortunately this didn’t happen and there are now 2bn muslims across the globe.

Why? When all hope was lost, many Muslim women who were captured as slaves didn’t give up. Even as they were separated forever from their families and forced married to barbaric men who were responsible for all their suffering.

They gave dawah to their husbands and as a result of their influence many Mongol leaders became Muslims, and just one generation down Genghis Khans grandson Berke Khan (watch Ertugurl) became a Muslim. These women dared to dream of a world free of war, death and destruction. 

Today everywhere we look, we see suffering, we see weakness, we reminisce over our Golden history. We look down sadly as the candle of knowledge, innovation and progress burns furiously in the West, while our own countries are ripped apart by war and enveloped in darkness. 

But we’ve been here before. When the mongols came they didn't just nearly wipe out Islam but also burnt centuries of progress and knowledge - It is said they threw so many books into the River Tigris that the water ran black from the ink. Within a generation we were back up on our feet, though not as powerful, we were up due to the few men and women who dared to believe. 

To get us out of the dark age we find ourselves in, it will take real dreamers & believers. People who are willing to do things others do not. Who are willing to see things others cannot. Who are willing to shed blood, sweat and tears to create the change they want to see in the world around them. 

Like Abbas Ibn Firnas, Fatimah Al Fihri and the amazing wives of the Mongols, we need to stand up together and believe we can make a difference. 

It isn’t without challenges. A recent example, Khabib Nurmademgov. He fought through the painful loss of his father but sealed a victory not just in the ring but also left a legacy of humility, hard work and showed the power of belief that a young man in a country ravaged by war and poverty could make it the top and become an inspiration for millions around the world. 

You may be thinking where do I fit in? 

Whatever you do strive to achieve the prophetic teaching of excellence (Ihsaan). Start by doing what Allah loves, through small and consistent actions that contribute to your larger goal.

But most importantly dare to believe you can change the world!

And you’re not alone. This is what we're all about here at Andalus. Not just amazing products but we also try to educate, empower and enrich both us and you in the hope we can inspire a nation of people who dare to believe they can make a real difference in themselves and the world around them! 

We do this through our exciting Cordoba which you can sign up to and have an opportunity to feature in this journal as well as more...

We want to leave you with one question, what do you dare to believe? Comment below. 

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