How to set up Quran Cube

How to set up Quran Cube

How can you keep your kids productively occupied and at the same time enjoy themselves? We believe the Quran moon lamp can help! 

What does it do?

In short, It is a fun colour changing speaking surprise which will lift and bring joy to any smile :)

How can it help?

Parents and the kids themselves have found many creative ways to enjoy ad learn from it’s many features. Here is a compilation from our amazing community and some of our own thoughts too!

Camp fire?

Now this was quite creative, the kids made a makeshift tent with blankets as they do, turned off all the lights, shut the curtains and set the lamp colour to a glowing yellow to mimic an outdoor campfire. Not only that, using the Bluetooth feature decided to play animal sounds too - scary! leave them to it and you may find many other creative things they come up with. Just make sure they understand it's not to be used as a football ;)

Bed time story teller?

One of the most popular uses is to put in the kids room, select their favourite colour and adjust the brightness to cast a glowing shade across the room. Then play their favourite stories, an experience they will cherish for years to come. Not only does it replace the traditional lamp which is just boring when compared to having a moon in your room! But also without the use of wifi or screens, may be better for their well being. 

Future Qari?

One of the most beautiful features is the Minshawi Quran mode - Kids love it! Children naturally begin to recite after his beautiful voice alongside the other children in the audio. It is an amazing sight that turns any parents heart to mush seeing their children intently listening and repeating the Quran.

And with a choice of more than 17 world renowned reciters they will surely start to develop a tone of themselves too! A great way to instill the love of the Quran in your children and make your home a place where the Quran feels welcome, and maybe one day a great Qari too, inshallah!

Family Fun Time?

Play a nasheed and use the glowing colour changing features while doing a family activity, whether it is a puzzle, board game or arts and crafts. The colour certainty creates a vibe to remember and for your children to look forward to.


Be able to bond with the Quran, learn and listen to the 99 names of Allah, and other islamic audio such as, duas, ruqya and more. Children have remarkable ability to pick things up. By just having it playing in the car on the way to school or at home, you will soon find they may know many hadith and duas that you may not have had the time to teach them yourself.


These are just some of the ways parents and children have used and benefited from the Quran Moon Lamp.

We’d love to know how you use yours! Simply send us a DM on Instagram or drop us an email.

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