Poem For Yemen

The land of smiles

How many will sit & watch your story

Till they begin to say

Remember the land of smiles

The land our prophet Muhammad praised, made dua for & loved

The land where children used to play, laugh & smile

The land of honey, magnificent trees & palaces 

Spread across its golden deserts and shorelines

How the Great Queen of Sheba would weep

At the destruction of her kingdom

And Bilqis would sing songs of vengeance

How the Prophet would tremble for his people

Who he loved so dearly, he will push us all back 

So they may drink first from his fountain of abundance

How the Holy Quran will testify 

For the land it called blessed

And referred to five times


How can we be so blind?

When Allah said they are a people he loves

When our prophet declared, I am Yemeni

When its people shout, plea and cry

Don't sit and watch

Till the day we may begin to say 

Remember the Land of Smiles

Written by Andalus for Yemen.

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