Our Mission

To make you smile, and keep you smiling!

We're all about the experience. 

Every time you visit us, we will be waiting, bursting with life and energy. Hoping that you will leave us with a simple smile to cherish and share.

Now how do we hope to do this?

The Andalus of a 1000 years ago was a golden era of creativity, exciting discoveries and a vibrant society that attracted the world to its doors.

As the inspiration behind our name, we re-imagined this Golden Age not just through our amazing collection of products and services but also through Alhambra & Cordoba.

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Both are the names of two magnificent buildings in Andalus. Designed by the most brilliant architects of the time, who had one mission - To make you smile.

And as you explored the beautiful fountains, listened to the soft singing birds and took in the glorious art - keep you smiling.

★ Reviews

Don't take our word for it!

37 reviews
Great one

Super happy with this speaker! I definitively recommand it!!
The song is clear and there is a large choice of Quran reader so you can listen to the reading style you like.
Also even when it is turned of, it make a super nice, chic and minimalist decoration for my living room.

Excellent Service!

Allaahuma baarik lahaa, excellent service and fast delivery! Enjoying our Quran speaker thoroughly ♥️ Thank you

Parfait !

C'est incroyable, encore mieux que ce à quoi je m'attendais et le service client est vraiment génial et disponible.
C'est un magnifique cadeau, pour soit ou ses proches.
Jazak'Allah Khairan

Beautiful design and works well

Love that I can use it as decor. The app works really well with it and my toddler especially loves the different lighting options. Would recommend.

The best item

I was told about this website from a friend on Instagram, I ordered a Quran cube which is magnificent in it’s own ways! The magic it displays, gives me the feeling of nostalgia! The voices of the reciters are so humbling and it’s beautiful. Moreover, the website itself is so well-organised and the people who run this are extremely pleasant and present their work with 100% dedication and hard work!!🥺🥺🥺honestly, the best gift for anyone!