What is it?

‘Share Your Smile With An Orphan’

Simply by purchasing your favourite items, you create a golden stream of sadaqah jariyah and secure a brighter future for an orphan!

How does this work?
You purchase an item from our store. Any item!
Choose a project, close to your heart and makes you smile
We will donate to that project at the end of the month
And your name will be added to our Alhambra Wall

It's as simple as that! Join the family to receive live updates of the impact you made possible. We may not be changing the world, but we can at least change the life of one child forever!

“ I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this. ” He put his index and middle fingers together” [Bukhari]

Orphan Care is a project we personally love, but every month we would like to extend an invitation to you to also be able to choose a project you love. Just send as a quick email at support@andalusstores.com before the end of the month and well try our best to fit you in.

Why do we do this? 

We felt there was always something missing. Buy an item, go home or in our case wait a short while at home :)... and that was it.

Yes, many brands do give to charity but how many of you truly feel the impact? We want to go as with anything we do, several steps further. It is why we will be adding numerous features over next few months and working with our partners to ensure you feel the impact of your purchase.

Because you need to know it is you who made the difference and it is our mission at Andalus to ensure you truly are able to smile, knowing it is being shared with, for example Ahmed. Who now has a new set of clothes and ate to his hearts desire last Eid! Made possible only by you and the rest of the Andalus family. As you may have already guessed we are obsessed with making people smile :) Why shouldn't we be, its Sunnah!

At the end of every month for transparency purposes we publish the full details with receipts HERE

JULY Causes:

This month 5% From every sale will be given to the causes below.

1) Orphan Care

2) Rohingya Refugee

3) Yemen Emergency

Click HERE to see the impact made so far & view our Alhambra Wall!