How it started

The idea for Andalus began after college one day at our nans kitchen table 😊

We thought wouldn't it be nice to make some money.

After some serious thought we settled on an idea, found a few manufacturers and ran some experiments.

And presto. Over the next few months (whilst we were meant to be studying) we developed the range you see today! That was back in 2019.

After about a year we took a 'short' break to focus on exams and alhamdulilah we're both now at uni. But something changed, we didn't just want to make money.

We found children were actually learning the Quran. Grandparents enjoyed listening to translations. Some sisters found it helped with insomnia. Our products were actually making a difference to entire families!

Our Mission.

We want to help bring the beuaty and joy of the Quran to every home.

And we envision a world filled with happier more meaningful smiles. It's still a dream, a dream we've called Andalus and one we hope you'll be a part of!

Why the name, Andalus?

Imagine a magnificent kingdom with a capital described as the jewel of the earth! One with stunning palaces, elegant water fountain gardens and a society vibrant with culture, creativity, peace and prosperity.

Many exciting discoveries that changed the course of humanity were made in this Kingdom. A home to thousands of creative, daring and ambitious people who were united in their vision to change the world around them

In this golden metropolis of generosity, charity and kindness, the oppressed found refuge and people of all faiths & cultures felt welcome and thrived.

The kingdom we described is Andalus :)

Inspired by this heritage, we dreamed to not only make you smile through meaningful products but also by educating, empowering & enriching those around us.

Because it is not the magnificent palaces that made Andalus so great, but the people - You!