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What is Cordoba?

Imagine a city described as the 'jewel of the earth' - one with magnificent palaces, elegant water fountain gardens and a society vibrant with creativity, culture, peace and prosperity. In this stunning metropolis, many exciting discoveries that changed the course of humanity were made.

Located right at the heart of the Kingdom of Andalus it was home to thousands of great people of all faiths and cultures who lived side by side. A refuge and fortress of justice. Somewhere, everyone lived, loved and learnt together. Somewhere everyone felt at home.

What does it mean for me?

Every day we’re inspired by amazing people doing incredible things and we'd love nothing more than to share some inspiration back. 



  • Can be anything from art to photography, you'll help choose,
  • Compete and win opportunities to have your brilliance feature on our packaging & website, experiences with one of our partners, or a product of your choice!
    • Connect & create with other members, whether its photography, poetry, literature, or art this is a place for everyone!
    • Showcase your skills, meet amazing new people, and help each other grow.
    • Chance to join the team and do what you love as a Cordoban Emir or Emiress 
      • A goldmine of interesting content over a range of topics. You'll can have an opportunity to feature too!
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        • See what goes on behind the scenes
        • Exciting treasure posts to inspire you, lift you up and make you smile.

          Our worldwide community is creative, inventive and more than just brilliant. If you are too – come and join us. We'll be excited to have you and can't wait to make a real difference together!

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