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Quran Projector Lamp

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There’s just something about space that we all love.

When we look up and see the stars glittering across the midnight sky, everything seems to slow down. Our worries disappear. We experience a soothing freedom away from the stress and never-ending hustle of this world.

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    ✔ 1 Year Warranty
    ✔ Safety Tests to EU, US, & GCC Standard
    ✔ HIGH Energy Saving LED chips
    ✔ Working Time 4-6 hours
    ✔ Charge time 2-4 hours
    ✔ Transmission Range 10m
    ✔ Size: 15cm x 15cm
    ✔ Colour changing options: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Pink

    Your Impact

    Your smile travels the world and is shared with ambitious orphans every month! Learn more here

    Relax & unwind

    ✔ Ruqya, nasheeds and duas
    ✔ Quran recitation from 17+ Qaris
    ✔ Translation in 15+ languages

    Set the mood

    ✔ Adjustable Brightness
    ✔ 7 warm colours
    ✔ 4 Interchangeable projection films


    What's in the box?

    ✔ Remote
    ✔ USB cable
    ✔ Audio Cable
    ✔ 4 Films
    ✔ User Manual
    ✔ And if you're lucky, a MYSTERY item too!

    How do I set it up?

    Follow the instructions below and your Quran Projector lamp will be up in no time!

    1) Charge 4-6 Hours before Use

    2) Set up Tripod/stand ( Note you can take out the peg and switch them into different holes to ensure they all fit correctly)

    3) Use the small metal touchpoint at the base near the speaker outlet to power on

    4) Use the remote to access the features & refer to the manual for full details

    5) Remember You can also control your Quran Speaker via Bluetooth & using the Quran Speaker App found on the App & Play stores

    6) Turn it off/on again using the remote

    If you are still having trouble feel free to email us at

    Does it play the full Quran?

    Yes, it plays the full Quran in Arabic with over 17+ Qaris to choose from. You can also choose between different modes.

    Slow Ayah by Ayah mode
    Translation mode

    Which reciters are there?

    Qari Abdul Basit - Shaykh Sudais - Shaykh Afasy - Shaykh al Minshawi - Shaykh al Ajmy - Shaykh Mahir Muaqly - Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri - Shaykh Abdullah Matrood - Shaykh Abdullah Basfar - Shaykh Muhammad Jibril - Shaykh Muhammad Ayoub - Shaykh Husari - Shaykh Hudhaifi - Shaykh Ghamdi - Shaykh Minshawi - Shaykh Shuraim - Shaykh Tablaw and others

    • Your heart, that little bit warmer

      Relax gazing into the starry night sky as your favourite recitations play leaving a soft twinkle in your eye as you drift into a blissful sleep. What used to be a simple bed time story is now an exciting adventure for kids to enjoy!

    • Your home, that little bit brighter

      Celebrations will elevate new level of excitement for kids and adults alike with its rotating projection feature and multiple fun nasheeds installed.

    • Your family, that little bit happier

      The Quran Projector Lamp is a fun colour changing speaking surprise that has 4 interchangeable transparent films to project drifting galaxies, animals, Eid Mubarak and floral patterns around your room.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Farhana B. (Bedford, GB)
    Fab products fab service

    We have been enjoying using the Quran Nightstar and Dukhaan bukhoor burner, Andalus were swift in sending out our package. Also grateful for the lovely extra touches, much appreciated.

    A #momentisforever

    Create new memories that you and your family will look back on and cherish for years to come